Procedures Bachelor of Law (SIH)

Regulatory dean:

  1. Presence The Student for Undergraduate of Law
  2. Regulatory of Faculty About Curriculum and The Implementation of Education

Manual Procedures:

  1. Moving to Faculty of Law
  2. Transfer of Students to Other Universities
  3. Community Empowerment Programt
  4. Academic Postpone
  5. Education and Students Orientation
  6. Graduation Registration
  7. Preparation of Lectures Activity
  8. Drop Out Reminder
  9. Drop Out
  10. New Student Registration
  11. Old Student Registration
  12. Short Semester Registration
  13. Make-up Exams
  14. Thesis Exams
  15. Thesis Exams Registration
  16. Submission KKL Title
  17. Complaint about absent

Education Administration

  1. Study Stages

Academic Administration Form

  1. Formulir Ijin Tidak Masuk Kuliah
  2. Formulir Ijin Survey Studi Orientasi Mata Kuliah
  3. Formulir Permohonan Berkas Perkara
  4. Formulir Permohonan Terminal Studi
  5. Formulir Ijin Pra Survey Skripsi
  6. Formulir Pendaftaran Ujian Skripsi
  7. Formulir Permohonan Surat Ijin Survey Skripsi
  8. Formulir Perubahan Judul Skripsi
  9. Formulir Seminar Proposal Tugas Akhir
  10. Formulir Pra Survey KKL
  11. Formulir Pengajuan Judul KKL
  12. Formulir Perubahan Judul KKL
  13. Formulir Biodata Sarjana
  14. Formulir Pendaftaran Wisuda
  15. Formulir Surat Keterangan Aktif Kuliah
  16. Formulir Surat Keterangan Masih Kuliah (Untuk Tunjangan Orang Tua)