Human Resources


The number of lecturers in 2012 is equal to the number of lecturers in 2011 although there has been policy about the admission of permanent lecturer non-civil servant (PNS) that began in 2011. Overall, the lecturers amounted to 102 people with the details of 91 civil servants and 11 of permanent lecturers non-civil servant, male lecturers amounted to 61 and female lecturers amounted to 41 people. Recorded in 2012, one lecturer has passed away (the late Dr. Sumiyanto, SH, MH), two lecturers has retired (Prof. Dr. Moch. Munir, SH and Drs. Zusihadi) and two lecturers are inactive (Nur Rosyidah R , SH, CN, M. Hum and Winarti, SH).


102 lecturers are divided into 6 sections, which are: 13 lecturers of Constitutional Law (HTN), 9 lecturers Administrative Law (HAN), 19 lecturers of International Law (HI), 34 lecturers of Civil Law, 20 lecturers of Criminal Law, and 6 lecturers of general subject.


One of the policies of the Faculty is to improve academic qualifications of the lecturers, among others, by encouraging and facilitating the lecturers for further studies, provide scholarship assistance in stages, funding assistance to attend seminars, workshops, training and other scholarly activities both inside and outside the country.

At the end of 2012, there were 21 lecturers pursuing further degree, which are, one lecturer took Postgraduate Program, and twenty lecturers took Doctoral Program. The amount of the lecturers who took a further degree is not increased compared to the year of 2011. Lecturers who are registered for further studies in 2011 have finished their studies, including:

  1.     Moch. Zairul Alam, SH, MH
  2.     Dr. Sri Lestariningsih, SH, MH
  3.     Dr. Moh. Fadli, SH, MH
  4.     Dr. Ismail Navianto, SH, MH
  5.     Dr. Bambang Sugiri, SH, MS
  6.     Dr. Istislam, SH, M.Hum
  7.     Dr. Lucky Endrawadi, SH, MH
  8.     Dr. Iwan Permadi, SH, MH

In terms of education, qualified lecturers has meet the target of Directorate of Higher Education, which is a minimum of 52% has to hold Postgraduate / Doctoral Degree. In the faculty, from 102 lecturers, 5 lecturers already has Undergraduate of Law Degree, 69 lecturers already has Postgraduate of Legal Science Degree and 28 lecturers already has Doctoral of Legal Science Degree, which means 95,09% of the lecturers of Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya has meet the target of Directorate of Higher Education.


Improvement of the professionalism of lecturers is also done through the participation of lecturers in teacher certification program in stages, so that by the end of 2012 as many as 46 lecturers (including 6 professors) of 102 lecturers from the Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya has been certified.

While based on functional qualification, lecturers at the Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya consists of: 14 lecturers as expert assistant, 18 lecturers as associate professor, 39 lecturers as head of associate professor and 6 lecturers as professors. In the future, it is expected to achieve the ideal targets, ie the number of faculty with educational qualifications of Doctoral Degree reaches to 80% of the total faculty. And an increase in functional positions periodically and tiered.

Education Personnel

Number of administrative personnel in 2012 increased quite rapidly compared to the number of administrative personnel in 2011 which amounted to only 47 people, with the composition of 39 male administrative personnels and 14 female administrative personnels  so that the total administrative personnel in 2012 were 53 people with 34 of them are civil servant and 17 of them are non-civil servant. The male administrative personnels are still dominant with a percentage of 73,58%.

For qualified administrative personnel when viewed in terms of education level is varied both from elementary school (SD) to Postgraduate Degree.

2 People have elementary school degree, 8 people have junior high school degree, 20people have high school degree, 4 people have Diploma 3 Degree, 18 people have Undergraduate Degree and 1 person have Postgraduate Degree. While the administrative staff qualifications based on classes consist of:

  • 5 person of Class I
  • 15 person of Class II
  • 15 person of Class III
  • 1 person of Class IV

For the human resources development for administrative staff, by the end of 2012, there are two administrative staffs noted studying extended bachelor study.