Related to the scientific publications, faculty of Law gave a space to the lecturers through Jurnal Arena Hukum to publish their scientific work. Even so, it is possible for the lecturers to publish their scientific work in other journals.

In terms of scientific publications, such as books, teaching materials and modules, in 2012 there were a lot of improvements, especially in terms of making the modules. This is related to the provision of opportunity for lecturers in Faculty of Law provided by the University of Brawijaya in making the undergraduate course modules which means an early way in developing Pendidikan Jarak Jauh (Distance Learning), which was pioneered by the University of Brawijaya. The opportunities given to the lecturers of Faculty of Law in the beginning is 25 (twenty-five) courses which are the basic courses, and furthermore the Faculty of Law got a second chance with the making of modules as much as 30 modules. The courses list can be seen in the appendix 6. It could be argued that the presence of these activities encourage the writing modules course in the faculty of Law in 2012. In addition to the modules, scientific publication in the form of book in 2012 is also quite good, due to 1 (one) of the 9 (nine) titles published in 2012, there were also foreign publishers.