Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University (FH UB) in cooperation with the Judicial Commission of the Republic of Indonesia to extend the MoU MoU cooperation with the launch of the book “The Concept of Retroactive Principles in Criminal” and the book “Introduction to the State of Law and Human Rights” Joko Sasmito, S.H., M.H. (Member of Judicial Commission of the Republic of Indonesia). This signing was done by Dr. Ir. Sasmito Djati, M.S. (Vice Rector IV) Division of Planning and Cooperation. It is hoped that the signing of this cooperation will bring justice to the many cases that have been happening in Indonesia, one of the most unequal cases of human rights protection in our country, and the establishment of human rights legislation through TAP MPR Th. 1978. It is necessary to conduct a philosophical internalization in the prevailing principle of retroactive principles, whether in National law, International that still adheres to non-retroactive principles, there is also a juridical dilemma. The social problems that still occur today are human rights violations committed by the government and TNI. Therefore, the Judicial Commission of the Republic of Indonesia must cooperate with the Faculty of Law Institution, Universitas Brawijaya to solve the problems faced by our beloved country. (FAH / PR)