Event Opening Ceremony Festival 2014 Constitutional Law Constitutional along with talk show entitled “Reflections eleven Constitutional Court in upholding the constitution in Indonesia” takes place in Widyaloka on Day Wednesday, October 15th, 2014. The event Guided By moderator Dr. Jazim Hamidi, S.H., M.H. was attended by the Rector of the university and its brawijaya Dean of UB faculties.

The beating of the gong by Dr. Hamdan Zoelva S.H, M.H. marked the start of a grand event Constitutional Law 2014.Acara festival opened with Legong Keraton Bali origin and continued with a guest lecture from the Chairman of the Constitutional Court.

The public lecture delivered by Dr. Hamdan Zoelva S.H, M.H. Following exposure: “To maintain the trust of the people, the Constitutional Court needs to maintain its independence and transparent governance.” There are two methods in the interpretation of the law that is Progressive and Non-Progressive. “He said the constitutional court During the eleven years of existence of the Constitutional Court ebb and flow of history.”

For 11 years the Court not merely instrumental resolving disputes Constitution, but to ensure public order. “The Constitution is not a dead text are not fossils, but must be dynamic so that a judge must make a constitution for the benefit of society in the future.” For the sake of expediency Progressive could interpret the Act beyond the intent of the law is written but still within the norm”.

The Constitution is not a dead text are not fossils, but must be dynamic so that a judge must make a constitution for the benefit of society in the future. During this time many constitutional courts perform the progressive interpretation. The interpretation of the Constitution is divided into two kinds, namely, backward-looking and forward-looking. As a forward looking progressive interpretation, the emphasis on teleological interpretation of sociological and legal expediency. While looking Bakcward a non-progressive interpretation put on the text, original intent, and emphasizes the grammatical interpretation. “The position of the Court after the verdict is very weak because there is no power to compel implement the decision. The position of the weak MK is used by some to undermine the Court.”

Facts, legal considerations, conclusions, amar, is a series that can not be separated when reviewing a decision of the Constitutional Court ruling of the Constitutional Court does not have the power to make a forced effort to compel the enforcement of the decision of the Constitutional Court in the strength of the implementation of the decision, the Court position is very weak because only until the hammer tapping. So for the implementation of state organs and more than 500 regional head election disputes guest lecture also discusses breakthrough preliminary and abort proposals that do not meet the requirements to complete 900 problems in 30 days.

The Court has tried 749 cases 24 cases SKLN PUU (disputed authority of state institutions), 3 dispute disputed legislative elections of the Constitutional Court as the guardian of the examination of evidence a constitutional problems not seen evidence of the quantity. Leadership very influential in bringing the Court into the Guardian of Constitution as well The Guardian of high Democracy. College is not just a partner but an integral part of the course of history and the future development of the Court. As well as theater performances into a paper cover the event.