Discussion and book review “Dispute Law School” by Muji Kartika Rahayu, was carried out in cooperation with Student Press Agency Faculty of Law Manifest with KOMPAS (Book Publishers). This event took place in Meeting Room 3, 6th Floor of Building A Law Faculty Universitas Brawijaya. The speakers on this activity include Muji Kartika Rahayu (Author), Dr. Muchammad Ali Safa’at, S.H, M.H. (Doesn Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya), and Tri Eva Okta (Legal Aid Institute of Malang). Discussion and Review This book was attended by LPM Manifest members and students of the Faculty of Law in general.

The first discussion was delivered by Muji Kartika Rayahu as the author by exposing the background of the creation of the Law Dispute Law book itself. Then continued by Dr. Mchammad Ali by giving views from the perspective of Academics and continued by Tri Eva Okta as a legal practitioner.

Discussion and Review This book takes place with a warm discussion as it is greeted by the responses of the discussion participants with the critical questions and building the atmosphere of the discussion itself. [AFD/PR]