Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya received a visit from SMAN 4 Tanggerang held in Auditorium Room 6th floor of Building A Law Faculty. The visit was welcomed by Student Affairs represented by Budi (Head of Student Affairs) and Ach. Murtadho (Head of Administration Agency). This visit was attended by more than 100 students (i) from SMAN 4 Tanggerang.

The event started with a welcome by the Faculty and continued with a welcome from the SMAN 4 Tanggerang by Ibni Affan (Vice Principal). Then proceed with a question and answer session in which the students (i) are allowed to question what is related to the Faculty of Law.

One of the questions that arise from the students is “what are the activities of any student in the Faculty of Law?”. Then answered the question by Ach. Murtado “in the Faculty of Law there are various organizations that support the development of skills both hard skills and soft skills of students, ranging from research activities imliah until pengembngan art and sports exist in the Faculty of Law”.

Information obtained from Dadang Rustandi (Teacher Companion) that the visit to the Faculty of Law is a series of several visits SMAN 4 Tanggerang in various renowned Campus in Indonesia. Prior to the Brawijaya University, the group made a visit at the University of Airlangga then will proceed to the University of Gajah Mada. He added that “Alumni from SMAN 4 Tanggerang many choose to continue in Universitas Brawijaya after this visit and Alumni presentation more continue in Universitas Braiwjaya itself.” [AFD / Humas]