Student Organizations

College students as agents of change have an important task than to learn in college. They need a positive place to accomodate their interests, talents, as well as their social life, to bring a positive value for the society. In order to reach the goal, from the beginning, Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya, has facilitated the students in the form of institutions, either autonomous or semi-autonomous. The Student Organizations at Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya, in 2012 consist of:

  • BEM (Student Executive Board), lead by the President (Executive)
  • DSM (Student Leadership Council), lead by the Coordinator (Legislative)
  • LO (Autonomous Institute), consist of:
  1. FKPH (Legal Studies and Research Forum)
  2. LPM Manifest
  4. FORSA
  5. LESC (Law English Study Club)
  6. ALSA (Asian Law Student Association)
  7. Kertas Theatre