Law Undergraduate Program

Alumni of Law Faculty joins its university wide alumni association Ikatan Keluarga Alumni Universitas Brawijaya. Nevertheless every alumni in every classes of graduation year join their alumni associations. The alumni periodically held the gathering to expand information on job vacancy, law development and actively involved in activities conducted by the Law Faculty.

Postgraduate Program: Master of Legal Science

For alumni of Law-Master Program, The Law Faculty is currently not having specific alumni association, therefore the alumni also joins the Ikatan Alumni Fakultas Hukum Universitas Brawijaya.

Postgraduate Program: Master of Notary

Alumni association of Notary-Master Program of Brawijaya University has been established and recently the process of formation the association into Law Faculty Notary Family Organization is underway. Furthermore, the alumni of Notary-Master Program joins Ikatan Alumni Fakultas Hukum Universitas Brawijaya. The alumni association contributes to the notary program mainly in giving inputs, critics and suggestions for development on the lecture process and widen the internship network. Besides, alumni contributes on financial bail for the activities held by the Law Faculty.

Doctoral Program

In facilitating the alumni of Doctoral Program of Law Faculty, an organization named Forum Doktor was established. Every graduate students finished their studies will be automatically admitted as a member of Forum Doktor.

Besides strengthen the relations and facilitates the doctoral program alumni, the idea of Forum Doktor is as well implemented to assist the lecture process, conduct research and assign input for developing doctoral program institutionally or culturally.

In maintaining consistency and existence, Forum Doktor will be periodically conduct seminar and thematic studies. Source of fund utilized is dues contributed from members of Forum Doktor and donors.


Tracer study conducted in 2012 as one of programs directed to alumni of the 2007 to 2011 classes. Tracer study is conducted through e-mail correspondence, telephone and website and to every degrees: Undergraduate, Master (Law and Notary) and Doctoral degrees. Furthermore, the questions of tracer study refer to tracer study guide compatible as DIKTI website.  

Tracer study shows important points such as:

Undergraduate Degree

Waiting gap reaches six months after graduate, getting job through job fair in majority and working in private sectors: financial/banking service, private company. Working field of the alumni is mainly compatible with their competence in law field. Furthermore, first wage reaches Rp 1.5 million, and Law Faculty contribution in shaping the alumni competence is significant, however it needs to be improved in the area of soft-skills.

Postgraduate Program

Master program graduates are mostly working in compatible fields of their skills.

Doctoral Program

Doctoral program graduates are mostly working, and Faculty of Law contribution in shaping the competence is high (most of respondents are lecturers).

In the come years the university integrated tracer system is needed, organized and conducted periodically, mainly which that bases on website because of the various and dynamic change and responds. Tracer as one of the feedback form, is better conducted during the input phase (freshman and lecturer quality), during the process (lecture process, facilities and service quality) and output (alumni and graduate) and also the service utilizer.