Faculty of Lawhas won another achievements at the prestigious Brawijaya Olympic, after had a gold medals in the basketball (read: http://hukum.ub.ac.id/en/tim-basket-putra-fh-juara-1-kompetisi-olimpiade-brawijaya-se-universitas/) This time Faculty of Lawwon karate in two branch kumite and kata.

Erdianto, law students year 2013 has managed to bring home two gold medals for the dearest faculty. Erdianto is one of the national athletes in the field of Karate,  in previous he has won  Porprov East Java (East Java Province Sports Week), even in the year 2012, Erdianto also won the National karate match. He is Currently active in Forki (Indonesian Karate Forum), and he also active in Karate Forum Activity (UKM) in Brawijaya.

At heavyweight karate match (60kg) yesterday (Tuesday, October 7, 2014), Erdianto has won the match in kumite (fight) that is going very fierce, with no  formidable opponent from UB Kediri. At the kata branch (martial arts / stance),Erdianto again bring home gold medal, a match which also took same day, Erdianto also played with a very tough opponent as well, which is derived from the FTP (Faculty of Agricultural Technology).”For preparationhe only got two (2) days, even so Erdianto able to defeat his opponents” said Jordan Muhammad, as the official of FH UB contingent.

This was a very amazing achievement considering that Faculty of Lawonly send one athlete in karate, however thanks to the hard training, support and pray from the community of the Facylty of Law, Erdianto took home two gold medals at the same time. This of course raised up again ranked Faculty of Law in Brawijaya Olimpyc data. (ea)