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Malang, November 12, 2018, Faculty of Law Chairperson of the University of North Sumatra visited the Chair of the Bachelor of Law Sciences Study Program, Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya in the framework of a comparative study to discuss curriculum management, academic collaboration through cooperation between statutory agencies and international cooperation, student affairs cooperation […]

The Faculty of Law, Universitas Brawijaya held a guest lecture with the speaker Dr. Nobumichi Teramura with the theme of Legal Issues in the Global Era of the 21st Century, in this theme only he revealed that each country has its own problems, each community has different cultures, values, principles, and morals, but there are […]

[Tuesday, November 6, 2018] The Ministry of Student Executive Board of the Democratic Republic of the Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya organizes Seminars and Workshops entitled Young Lawyers Goes to Malang with the theme “Lawyer Career Day” in the Auditorium of Building A, 6th floor of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Brawijaya. This seminar and […]

Malang, November 6, 2018 in the Academic Field of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Brawijaya (FH UB) cooperates with Malang State High School 9 with international students from Bukit Mertajam High School Malaysia to hold lecture socialization in Universitas Brawijaya especially in UB Faculty of Law. Dean of UB Faculty of Law Dr. Rachmad Safa’at, […]

[Monday, 5/11/18] Welcoming Ceremony for Visiting Lecturers and Guest Lectures with Japanese lecturers Dr. Nobumichi Teramura was welcomed by the Dean of UB Faculty of Law Dr. Rachmad Safa’at, S.H., M.Sc. with HI Lecturer to discuss the Comparison of Legal Aspect Socio based on Indonesian Legal System and Japan Legal Legal System related to Global […]

[Malang, 29 October 2018] Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya (FH UB) held a guest lecture from legal practitioners lecturers for one week at FH UB, this program is part of the Dean of FH UB program in order to improve the quality and reputation quality of legal education as a provision for students to continue […]

(Bahasa Indonesia) Fakultas Hukum, Universitas Brawijaya (FH UB) bersama Lembaga Pengkajian Hukum Internasional (LPHI) Universitas Indonesia, menggelar konferensi internasional Center of International Law Stuies (CILS) The 9th International Law di Auditorium Gedung A FH UB pada Selasa, 2 Oktober 2018.