Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya received a visit from Member of Commission III of DPR RI, namely Dr. Anwar Rahman. In this visit was held a Public Lecture held at the Faculty of Law Auditorium with the theme “Regulation of Education Notary in Indonesia”. Dr. Anwar in this case as the main speaker in this public lecture was accompanied by a moderator from the lecturer of the Faculty of Law, Himatul Ula. This general lecture was attended by all academic community, ranging from undergraduate students to Doctoral khsuusnya in the field of Kenotariatan as well as all educators and educators in the Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya.

This general lecture begins with the delivery of material by Dr. Anwar, then continued with a question and answer session guided by the moderator. This discussion also focuses on the point of Dr. Anwar regarding the arrangement of the Notary education system in Indonesia. Likewise also about the general view of the rules that exist in Indonesia are assessed by him less responsive in following the times. Quoted from the statement “Rule in Indonesia is very slow in following the development of the times, need an adjustment with the times”. Public lecture was also equipped with some inquired by the audience.

Some time ago (Plt) Director General of General Law Administration (AHU) Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Freddy Haris made a discourse to conduct a moratorium on acceptance of kenotariatan education students since 2018. This is related to the graduates of the Master Program Kenotariatan currently considered less qualified. The existence of the discourse is certainly a problem for the Universities of the organizers of Master Program Kenotariatan, including the Faculty of Law, Universitas Brawijaya.

Magister Kenotariatan Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University was established since 2005. During this time has produced graduates who work and practice as a notary spread throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. However, the existence of the moratorium policy will disrupt the continuity of the process of administering the Master Degree Program of Notary, especially related to legal certainty in the management of study program. Whereas in March the Master Program of UB’s Notary has received A accreditation from BAN PT.

In addition On September 5, 2017 and the ministry of RISET DIKTI issued DECISION MINISTER OF RICE DIKTI R.I NO 257 About the Name of Study Program at Higher Education. The decree contains a change of degree of several study programs both Strata and Strata two. One of the Master Programs of Notary, related to the degree that has been given to the graduates and how the status and sustainability in running the profession as a notary.

Therefore, the Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya holds a guest lecture on “Legitimacy of Master Program of Notary in Indonesia” to respond to legal issues related to the legality of the Master of Notary. This guest lecture presents the guest speaker Dr. H.M. Anwar Rachman, S.H., M.H. Member of Commission III of the House of Representatives from PKB Fraction, from this activity is expected to be a medium of friendship, and discussion to be able to provide solutions about the problems of the current Master Program of Kenotariatan Studies. (FAH / PR)

The general lecture that lasted for approximately 3 (three) hours ended with one of the last fifths of Dr. Anwar “This young generation of lawyers is expected to respond to the challenges of the times and make rules relevant to the present age”. [ADF / Humas]