Postgraduate of Notary Program


Postgraduate of Jurisprudence is one of the courses organized by the Faculty of Law of University of Brawijaya. Based on the Decree of the General Directorate of Higher Education Number 72/DIKTI/Kep/1997 dated April 7, 1997, this postgraduate program manages the Master of Law Program (S2). In 2001/2002, the Postgraduate of Jurisprudence also opened the Doctoral Program (S3) based on the license from the Directorate General of Higher Education Number 2365/D/T/2001 dated July 11, 2001. Both of these postgraduate programs (Master and Doctoral Program), are under the management of Pascasarjana Universitas Brawijaya / PPSUB (UB Graduate Program). Based on University of Brawijaya Rector Decision Number: 030/SK/2006 dated February 6, 2006, since academic year 2006/2007, the management of University of Brawijaya Postgraduate Program, which was originally managed under the PPSUB, has switched and managed by each faculties, including the Postgraduate of Jurisprudence Faculty of Law. Master of Law Program (S2) have 5 (five) interests of specificity, which are: Interest in Economics and Business Law, Agricultural Law, Criminal Law, Law of the State. In line with the needs of society, in 2006, the Master of Law Program opened a new specificity interest, that is Notary interest. Based on the Decision of Directorate General of Higher Education Number 16.14/D/T/2008 dated May 15, 2008, the Master of Law Program concentration on Notary changed into Notary-Master Program. The Master of Law Postgraduate Program received A (excellent) continuously by the Decision of Directorate General on Higher Education number 72/DIKTI/Kep/1997 and by the decision of BAN PT.Depdiknas RI Number 008/Ban-PT/Ak-IV/S2/VII/2005).


Become a Notary superior Master Program in Indonesia and create graduates who are able to develop and master the knowledge and skills in the notary, internationally-minded, excellent in research field, advocacy, and optimal legal services.


  • Conducting a master degree program of notary in professional manner, creating an atmosphere which is conducive for education as well as high-performance.
  • Being the center of the science development of law in notary.


To create master of Notary which has the ability to:

  • Working in a professional manner
  • Conducting the research and solving law problems in notary
  • Behave and act humanist, ethical, and religious.