Cooperation Agency (BKS) Dean of the Faculty of Law of PTN in Indonesia held a Workshop on Curriculum Standardization Formulation for Master Program of Notary held at Ballroom Santika Hotel, Malang for three days on 11-13 February 2018, this activity was held due to the ups and downs of quality in Master Program Notary, but the number of PTN that opened the study program. This event was followed by 20 negative state universities:

  1. Gadjah Mada University
  2. University of Indonesia
  3. Brawijaya University
  4. Diponegoro University
  5. Sebelas Maret University
  6. University of Northern Sumatra
  7. Airlangga University
  8. Padjadjaran University
  9. Udayana University
  10. Hasanuddin University
  11. University of Jember
  12. Andalas University
  13. University of Syiah Kuala
  14. General Sudirman University
  15. Sriwijaya University
  16. University of Jambi
  17. University of Tanjungpura
  18. University of Bengkulu
  19. University of Lambung Mangkurat
  20. University of Mataram

Chairman of BKS Dean of FH PTN in Indonesia, Prof. Dr. R. Benny Riyanto, S.H., M.H., CN. (Dean of the University of Diponegoro) wah the problem arises due to the proliferation of Kenotariatan education in private universities that change the important subjects as the main competition, he said. Prof. Benny conveyed “there are important things that can be agreed together in this Workshop that is First, it needs experience like in medical world and vocation, because Master of Notary also concerning expertise and professionalism Secondly, for State Universities opening kenotariatan course should consider return the good and good facilities Hopefully, from the results and this earthquake can receive inputs and follow up again in the future there is good regulation, so as to improve the quality of education Master of Notary in State Universities in Indonesia [Fhm/PR FHUB ]