Democracy is a form of the system of government of a country in an effort to realize the people’s sovereignty over the power of the state to be run by the state government tersebut.Secara meaning of Democracy is “government of rule by the people”.
Now the university law students precisely brawijaya autonomous institution Student Care Forum Justice perform real action in contributing to the development of democracy is holding a big event “Democracy Feztival Campus 2014” mosaic “.

That is through a series of events that are expected to bear fruit in promoting democracy sweet society, especially minority communities. Democracy is not new in Indonesian public life of the state, because during this time through a process of ups and downs and lengthy process has provided valuable lessons.
2014 was a historic year in the Indonesian democracy, which has been going on Elections, because at this moment there is a process of transfer of power, and the electoral process is usually the changes that occur.

After the reform, Indonesia has made several electoral process, in 2004 was the beginning of the Indonesian people to elect the president and vice president directly. Here is the actual implementation of the democratic process.

Reflecting 15 years of Reform Reform 1998. Indonesia is a reaction to the new order is deemed to have deviated from the goals and ideals of Democracy. We as citizens expect the Indonesian nation can learn from the experience of history, every democracy can grow to be better than ever.

In the case of 1998, there was misunderstanding on the meaning of “reform”. where the meaning of reform turned into a “freedom that is free”. then we are here, menegas out that democracy is democracy for the people demanding change towards the better.

Since the collapse of the New Order which coincided with the fall of President Suharto, the Homeland entering the atmosphere of the new state, as a result of the policy reforms undertaken to almost all aspects of society and the state that went before. Policy reforms culminated in the amendments to the 1945 Constitution.

In 2014, Indonesia will hold its third-party democracy in the nature of reform, there will be a big change, because in fact the momentum of reform 14 years ago is a manifestation would swelter regime based on the spirit of renewal, but until the age of 12 years, reforms were playing on classical problems that only the New Order regime change shape in matters of democracy, Indonesia has pretty much had a lot of experience.

So the emergence of the desire of the nation’s youth to guard and fight for democracy. Most can be guaranteed basic rights like the freedom of expression freedom, democracy, should be upheld. Through our many youth in Indonesia Indonesia forward direction is determined by them.

To demonstrate the real contribution, through the big event of the Autonomous Institute Student Forum Care Justice shows that contribution through a series of events:

1.) Competition Sinemokrasi is a documentary film and fiction (Movie Exhibition) which runs from October 10, 2014, opened with the opening ceremony. The goal is to inspire and increase the understanding of democracy through a film about democracy.

According to the informant, Mr. Muktiono “Democracy is about how to voice the people voices”

Delegates from 17 university students, among others, Airlangga University, University Mangkurat, Gajah Mada University, PKA, University of Jambi, Yogyakarta, UIN Sunan Kalijaga and others.

2. The second series of the show “Democracy Malang Explorer”
Democracy Exploreradalah unfortunate events which aims to explore the other side of Malang through direct pndekatan-down approach to the field.

The initiative to conduct this activity is through concern about the fate of minority clans are increasingly marginalized and do not have the same rights that should be owned by citizens lainnya.Oleh Therefore, “formah pk trying to fight for the fate of minorities, however, that they are citizens which has the same rights and are treated equally. “Rian said as the Chief Executive.

Democracy unfortunate Explorer made for a full day dikarnakan are certain points that require nighttime.Through Democracy Malang Explorer to sharpen the sensitivity, concern in the environment that need to be a helping hand to fight for their rights as citizens of Indonesia

The spots communities visited:

  • Ikatan waria malang
  • Ikatan gay malang
  • Odha /orang-orang yang telah mengidap HIV/AIDS.
  • Ikatan Penyandang Disabilitas
  • Wanita Harapan
  • Kepompong/orang yang tidak memiliki tempat tinggal
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    Moreover held a briefing session on gender studies from sam eki delegates attended.

    3. Third Series of Events “National Workshop on Indonesian law student”

    The event of the Festival Events Campus Democracy national discussion was held at the mayor stone.
    From the results of the students in exploring the information in the “Unfortunate Democracy Explorer” then they discuss the issues facing the city government before the poor to generate agreements and solutions.

    Representatives of the city government of Mayor Stone unfortunate that Mr. Eddy Rumpoko Generating a charter agreement signed Formah pk fh ub, delegation, as well as poor city government. In addition Attended also dr. Supranoto unfortunate as mayor expert staff to provide scientific understanding.

    “Basically the disabled people themselves have the same rights as us”

    Continues visit of the delegation of law students Democracy Festival series of events in Omah Munir Campus poor rock:

    4. And the last event which is the highlight of the campus is feztival Democracy “Talkshow Nationality”.
    Talkshow nationalities held on October 13, 2014 in Samantha Krida UB. Which will begin at 16: 00-18: 00 pm, which was attended by:

    • Prof. Dr. M. Mahfud M.D Mantan Ketua Mahkamah Konstitusi RI,
    • Johan Budi Juru bicara KPK,
    • Lexy Junior Rambadetta sutradara film documenter dan video jurnalis Indonesia
    • Rocky Gerung (Dosen filsafat Universitas Indonesia)
    • Serta untuk hiburan dimeriakan Sammy Notaslimboy & merah bercerita.